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Real life Cams (RLC) are a genre in the online live cam niche that feature real people going about their daily lives while broadcasting their activities in real-time to the internet 24/7 (sometimes referred to as life casting). Real life Cams are typically stationary cameras mounted inside people's homes. Real life Cams are sometimes confused with "Voyeur Cams". However, voyeur cams are typically illegally hidden cameras in private areas without the consent or knowledge of the person being filmed. In contrast, the presence and location of Real Life Cams are known to the subject or subjects of a Real Life Cam broadcast. Real Life Cams are also different from "live sex cams" in a few ways, first participants on Real Life Cam sites don't interact with the audience in any way, secondly, sex is not the primary focus, and third the participants are typically paid a monthly wage by the cam site owner, rather than earning tips from viewers as is typical in the live sex cam model. Real life Cam sites are sometimes compared to the TV Series Big Brother (2000 - 2018) which features participants that are locked in a custom built home and are under continuous surveillance. However, the Big Brother TV series is a game show where contestants earn cash prizes, and the contestants aren't allowed to have any outside contact. Real life Cam site participants are allowed to come and go as they please, many of them hold regular jobs outside of the domicile.

Business Model

Participants typically live rent free in upscale apartments or houses. Participants may also receive a monthly or bi-weekly wage from the cam site owner, as well as bonuses for generating traffic. Real life Cam sites typically operate using a subscription model whereby viewers pay a monthly or quarterly fee to view the live camera feeds. Some Real Life Cam sites offer extra features such as the ability to record and play back videos, motion detection, and the ability to auto-follow the top performing cameras. Typically, Real Life Cam sites own or lease the domicile where the participants live.


The real life cam niche first gained popularity in the mid 90's with JenniCam [1] (1996 - 2004). The first commercial website to feature multiple live cams from more than one domicile was Reallifecam which launched in 2012, since then the real life cam niche has gained significant popularity and there are now at least five different companies offering 24/7 real life cam streams.


While the technology employed by real life cam sites varies common components includes Axis network cameras, Adobe Media server, and a content delivery network such as Amazon Cloudfront.